Gregory: Featured in the French publication “ici Londres”

The November 2012 issue of French magazine ici Londres features an article about Decibel co-founder Gregory Kris. Entitled “Decibel, provider of data for the music industry”the piece begins with the mention of some key points in Gregory Kris’ career as a successful entrepreneur, including the encounter with Evan Stein, which led to the creation of Decibel.

The article goes on with explaining the concept behind Decibel: to provide the necessary data for the music industry players, and to help the music industry move into the digital age. Decibel currently has data about more than 2 million songs, 1.1 million albums, 300.000 artists and an impressive level of metadata detail that keeps on getting better and better.

As metadata is gradually becoming omnipresent in the devices and programs surrounding us, Gregory Kris and Evan Stein wish to consolidate Decibel as a cross-media discovery platform.

Here is the original article featured in ici Londres: